How can the crew of the Enterprise walk around and breathe on any planet they encounter?

Milky way and big antenna dish at Very Large Array, New Mexico, USA. Image is royalty-free by Zakharchuk on

Senior lecturer in analytical science Claire Turner looks at the science of chocolate.

Image by congerdesign on under Creative Commons.

How was it for Fido? Do animals approach sex in more than a — well, animalistic — way?

Image: Copyright free from htraue

Whilst this year’s Olympic Games will almost certainly suffer from COVID-19 constraints, the event remains the largest sporting spectacle in the world. Over time the Games have evolved from their modest beginnings into something incomparably grand. In this article, Steph Doehler discusses how a rural English town has closer links than most to the modern Olympics.

Image copyright: Photo 103706694 © Stuartan |

The life of an Olympic or Paralympic athlete is characterised by highly planned and structured 4-year cycles designed to lead to peak performance in Olympic/Paralympic year, but what happens when that cycle unexpectedly stretches to 5 years and is threaded with uncertainty?

Image is copyright free by Alla Eddine Taleb from Pexels.

Simon Rea previews the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, looking at the new sports featuring, plus who are Team GB’s best chances of winning medals.

Image copyright: ID 222393218 © Sergio Yoneda |

The Games are going ahead despite a host of problems

How does the brain age and what can be done to decrease the onset of dementia? This article has many handy tips for people with dementia and their carers.

Image © Atthapon Raksthaput | | ID 99184517

Recently concussion in football has become a serious issue for debate, and with the UEFA EURO 2020, UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 and FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 coming up it is likely to be in the spotlight once again.

Why is concussion a serious issue?

What is planetary protection? This article explores the policies and legislative action of forwards and backwards contamination.

Image of Nasa’s Perseverance. NASA/JPL-Caltech , CC BY-SA


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